Política de Serviço Pós-Venda da SUNVOL

Sunvol provides a free one-year warranty from the date of delivery, at the discretion of Dongguan Sunvol Information Technology Co. This warranty is limited to the first customer and is not transferable.
1.After-sales service commitment during the warranty period

The general policy during the warranty period is as follows:
   Hora Taxas de reparo e acessórios Taxa de Envio
0-12 meses Fornecedor Fornecedor e comprador cada metade
Service Procedures:
1.Please keep the receipt and contract at the time of purchase properly as the basis for judging the warranty period. Customers need to have the three elements of product model, serial number and contract number before getting the warranty service.

Warranty Coverage:
1.The warranty is limited to the original products provided by Sunvol
2.Under normal use and maintenance conditions, we will provide you with warranty services such as repair, replacement or return of the product during the warranty period for performance failures caused by material, workmanship or manufacturing problems. "Normal use and maintenance conditions" means that the product is transported, installed, used, maintained, stored, etc. in accordance with the instructions for use and used for the reasonably intended purpose or use. "Affect the normal use" means that the product can not achieve its standard performance parameters described in the function. We do not charge you for warranty service, except for those costs that we state in advance should be borne by you in accordance with law or agreement. The above is our entire warranty for product quality and after-sales service.

Non-warranty coverage
1、When signing the receipt, the whole machine's outer box is broken, but not with the logistics personnel were together to confirm the abnormality, normal before signing the receipt, open the box and then found the whole machine's appearance broken.
2、Wrong or improper use, maintenance or storage resulting in failure or damage, such as: improper handling, improper plugging and unplugging of external devices, dropping or Improper extruding, contact or exposure to inappropriate temperatures, solvents, acids and alkalis, water immersion or wet environments, incorrect use of non-machine accessories, installation of unauthorized software system of Shengwo caused by the quality of goods, or tearing, alteration of labels, machine serial numbers, anti-counterfeit markings, etc. resulting in products or components (such as shells, motherboards, interfaces, etc.) broken, rusted, damaged and other quality problems.
3、Fragmentation, damage and other quality problems of products or components (such as shells, motherboards, interfaces, etc.) caused by maintenance, modification, dismantling, etc. not authorized by Sunvol;
4、The validity period of the warranty has expired, or the model of the warranty certificate does not match the model of the repaired product or has been altered;
5、Damage caused by using software not authorized by Sunvol. Failure or damage caused by virus infection, hacker attack or other malicious acts;
6、Damage caused by force majeure.
7、Consumable parts that need to be replaced regularly during product use.

Service out of warranty

Sunvol will continue to provide services for its products after the one-year free warranty period ends. If the product breaks down outside the warranty period, you can contact us in time, and we will provide you with corresponding maintenance solutions and services. It should be noted that additional fees will be charged for services outside the warranty period, and Shengwo has the final right to interpret the cost standards.